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How can i downgrade skype app from 3.5.117 latest to the last one


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Oct 11, 2011
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The skype app 3.5.117 for iphone is over build, slow, confusing and not well finished.
I try to restore my windows my windows, i didn't have a backup!!!!F...
I downloaded from torrent last versions and no success, not the same windows version. F...
I remember that I put all my itunes files and folder on external drive, F.... , I change my windows from vista to windows 7....
I flip every resource and every file that i could think of, and I can`t downgrade this app....;)
Can U tell me what to do, I want to go back to my old skype app on my iphone.
I send Iphone 4 (which I set up on my itunes) to my wife to japan and she didn't update skype yet, and it was set up from my new windows (with old skype version at that time). Would I be sync with my itunes and get that app version back?
Or PLEASE how can i change that app in itunes so i could stop worrying about third party software that they F...up real experience with APPLE product

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