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How to Record Skype Video Calls with Camersoft Skype Recorder


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Jun 9, 2011
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Skype is one of the most popular and easier way for video calling with others across the globe for free so that many people use it to keep in touch with their friends and families, even start conference call in business. But is lacks the ability to record video calling. This will be a problem if you for some reason need to keep a video call on record for later use or if you want to create a home video out of your video chat. However, Camersoft Skype Recorder can help you to record Skype video calls with ease.
Features of Camersoft Skype Recorder:
1. Simple and elegant user interface
This Skype call recorder is very easy to use even for novice users. It makes recording Skype call as easy as only a few mouse clicks.
2. Capture the original video data and record with best video quality
When you recording Skype call, both your webcam video and your friend could be recorded and saved into separate AVI files with high quality.
3. Display the time escaped when recording
The time recorded will be display on the main UI and the window icon flash to remind you the recording procedure.
4. Easily to find and play the recorded video files
After recording Skype, just double click the list item to play the Skype video files. Or click the "Open folder" to find the file with convenience. Of course you could easily change the directory to save the Skype video recording files.
Here are some easy steps to record Skype video calls with Camersoft Skype Recorder:
1. Download and install Camersoft Skype Reorder on your computer from official website: Camersoft.com
2. Launch Skype and log in to start video calling.
3. Run Camersoft Skype Reorder to select one of the two recording modes to begin recording.
4. Click STOP button when finish the recording process, then the recorded video file will be saved as AVI format and appear in the list.

Now, you can play your recorded Skype video calling at any time. Overall, this Skype recorder is very easy to use.


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Jun 16, 2011
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i use IMCapture for Skype too (imcapture.com), nice tool!