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Hooking up iphone6 through Mophie into radio?


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Oct 6, 2012
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So I have a Mophie Juice Pack on my Iphone6 and went to hook it into the radio on my Harley. So of course the Mophie has a micro usb connection and the bike has a reg usb hook up. So with a usb/micro usb cable I plug my phone into the radio to hear my music from the phone through the bikes speakers. Initially all loads well through the phone to the radio and music plays. But then after a song or two,it acts as if the phone is no longer hooked into the radio. So I unplug and replug the two together several times in order to get it all working again. But this keeps on acting up in the same manner.

Could it be that I'm running the system through the Mophie is messing the connection all up? Or what can be the cause here or what do you all think? Thanks
Have you tried connecting the phone directly to the USB port on your Harley without going through the juice pack? Does it work any better?
No I didn't as I didn't have a Lightening 8 cable handy but will tomorrow