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Honda Releases an Apple Watch App


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Jun 18, 2010
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Jalopnik reports that Honda has released an app in Japan for the Apple Watch, which shows you data when you are driving including the reading on your odometer, how far you’ve travelled, or your cruising range.

The app is in both English and Japanese, but is only available in the Japanese iTunes store.

The app has seven functions, including the aforementioned three, as well as a fuel efficiency score, parking, another cruising range feature that tells you how long before you have to get more gas before you even start driving, arrival information that provides information about your journey distance and length of time it took, and a timer that tells you how long you’ve been away from your vehicle, which could be handy if you’re parked on a meter.

No word from Jalopnik as to whether this app will ever be available outside of Japan, but expect to see other vehicle manufacturers releasing similar apps if this proves to be a hit.

Source: Honda Japan Thinks You Will Use Your Apple Watch To Connect To Your Car

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