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Home and Power Button Broken, Bootlooping, Cannot Enter DFU, Help!


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May 26, 2014
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I have an iPhone 5

Screen cracked a few months ago, apple wanted $250 to fix it. Took it to another guy who did it for $140. Basically a terrible experience. Power button was broken at time, and part of the $140 was supposed to go towards fixing the power button. He couldn't fix it but wouldn't refund my money. He also claimed that the home button had been broken when I brought it in. It had been perfectly fine. He replaced it anyway even though it was fine, and replaced it with a cheap part that clicked loudly and sounded like it was breaking the button every time. He also managed to break the ear speaker, so I had to make all my calls with either headphones or on speakerphone, but after 3 weeks of taking it back and trying to get him to fix part after part and him just making it worse I just gave up on the guy.

Terrible mistake, I realize that now.

Eventually the home button stopped working as well. So at this point I had to wait for a notification or plug my phone into the charger to get the screen to turn on.

Couldn't take it to apple bc warranty was voided when other guy fixed screen. Also, to for the power button recall they have to inspect your phone before they can repair it, so I screwed myself on that one.

Decided to try to jailbreak, so I could use activator to set the home and power button functions to the volume up and down buttons.

During jailbreak I got stuck on a bootloop (apple logo forever).
Can't go into DFU (recovery) Mode bc both buttons are broken.
Computer wont recognize phone at all.
Tried RecBoot but it wont recognize my phone either.
I got the "ItunesMobileDevice.dll is missing" error
Did some research and downloaded ItunesMobileDevice.dll and QTMClient.dll and put them in

C:/ Program Files / Common Files / Apple / Apple Application Support / RecBoot

Ran Recboot and now I'm getting a Console (Terminal) Window that says

"USBMuxListenerCreate: No Error"

What can I do besides buying a new phone? I'd really like to keep this one seeing as over the past 20 months I've been paying into the $650 full price, as well as $200 spent on repairs and additional chargers.

I would greatly appreciate any reccomendations that anyone has. Even if its just a hairbrained idea.

I'm running Windows 7 if that makes any difference.