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Hiya guys :P

N7 Cmdr Shepard

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Aug 11, 2010
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Well I've never owned an iPhone or even a decent phone(I usually run on those cheap pay as you go phones) until the release of the iPhone 4. The only Apple product I've ever owned was my trusty iPod Touch 2G which I thought was the most useful thing until I decided to take the leap to an iPhone.
On the day of the release I expected some iPhones to be in stock at the Bell store since I live in a modest city. To my dismay all the stores were sold out. I headed over to Edmonton the next day and was half expecting them to be sold out but instead was told there was enough stock to last 2 days. I came in and picked up a factory unlocked 32gb and mow using it profusely daily to check on email, browse the web, take photos, and every now and then play games.
Thats my iPhone story and I hope to gain more knowledge of the iPhone and interact with other iPhone owners on this forum. Thanks guys:)