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Hide Secrets Keeps Pandora’s Secrets Sealed on iDevices


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Nov 3, 2011
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Tunes link: App Store - Hide Secrets
It's unique app, no analogs in AppStore.

Books like The DaVinci Code are known to inspire masses in the search for clues in every picture or email. Now there is an app that encourages you to do it too, Hide Secrets. This is the first program of its kind for iDevices. With Hide Secrets, you can hide your secrets, including text and photos, inside any photo or image. The best part is no one will know that they are there.
“This state of the art program uses top-notch steganography technology,” said app developpers. “This technology can hide whole images or files in plain sight.”
Previous cryptographic systems broke files into random data streams to hide them. Unfortunately, this can lead to long decipher times and corrupted files. Hiding the whole file decreases the chance of file corruption. The steganography technology is combined with AES 256-bit encryption, which is one of the hardest encryption algorithms and cipher keys to break to date.
“Unlike other spy programs, users can hide a secret message, written info, or image inside a different photo or image,” developpers continued. “The resulting image looks identical to the original.”
For users that require more security, the hidden image can even be password protected for further security. After encryption, the image can be sent by email or saved in an iPhone album for easy access. Then, the secret can be retrieved and viewed by the appropriate party, or if desired, saved and sent over e-mail again.
The last but definetely not the least is that Hide Secret is the first program of this caliber which is now available for a number of iDevices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.