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Hide and protect your photos and video on iPhone and iPad


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Sep 23, 2011
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App Store - KYMS - Keep Your Media Safe (and secret)


KYMS (which stands for Keep Your Media Safe) is the new App for iPhone, iPod, iPad by IdeaSolutions, which allows you to create a secret media library protected by a password in which to collect your own images and videos to protect them from prying eyes. A cool and functioning calculator app will be your secret gateway to your hidden area: you just have to digit your pin code on the calculator keypad to access your private photos and videos!

KYMS offers a lot of storage opportunities: you can store both photos and videos from your PC using WiFi technology, from the camera roll of your iDevice, from the Facebook albums of your friends, from internet by using the handy built-in browser that does not saves any browsing history on your device and allows to save any displayed image by performing a simple two finger TAP.




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OK, so where do you get it from and what is the program called,kyms?
OP really dropped the ball with this post. No information on where to get the app or if it is released or still in dev. more information would be nice.
We're sorry we've not published the link due to limitation on our account (low number of post)

As we've wrote upside, a simple appstore search by keyword KYMS will allows to find the application immediately
Isn't there already an app like this one, called "my secret folder" or somewhat similar?

The scope of the application is similar but:

1) Also starting KYMS, it appears as a normal and functioning calculator. The icon is a typical calculator icon... When you start my secret folder you'll be asked for a password, so someone (your girlfriend/wife??) can force you to tell him...
2) KYMS allows you to import photos and videos (films also) from your PC by wifi
3) KYMS allows you to import photos from facebook thanks to the native integration
4) KYMS allows you to import photos from WEB thanks to the integrated browser (that doesn't save any history): you need only to touch an image with two finger to store directly in KYMS without using your camera roll

so KYMS is the most advanced application of this type

no comparision with my secret folder.. KYMS is much better!!!!!! have you tried the integrated browser? best best best
You're welcome! please let us know if you have any suggestion!!!