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Dec 2, 2010
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Im New to the Family Just Born In Iphone 4 thank you for letting me be a part of the family .:)
Hello all

could some one provide me detail about iphone 4.
i am planning to buy iphone 4 with O2 connection (postpaid) in Germany this month n next month am planning to visit to india for 1 month would it be possible to use indian sim in it?
what is micro sim? could i use normal sim in it or not?
what about internet charges? i have flat rate of internet with it if ill use this connection in india do i have to pay internet roaming charges?
what about unlock?

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You will need to unlock your phone if your planning on using more than one carrier. I would suggest buying a factory unlocked one if your planning on changing carriers.

If you buy an iPhone now the baseband that it will come with is currently unlockable and probably will be for some time...