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Here's the iPhone User Guide for iOS 8

I saw the post on iPad Forums and already downloaded it. This should help a lot of people.
Ok...I just downloaded iOS 8 to my phone. I did it through iTunes based on everything I was reading last night. It took about 20 minutes to do via iTunes.

So far...definitely different. I noticed when I'd text, I would get my own response back. I think I got that sorted. Now to read the manual and see what's all new! :)
Loving the Quick Type keyboard!!!!
And the Audio Message is cool, too! Just wish it was "active" longer, but I understand why it's not.....!!
Just a comment ....On the iPhone 6 plus the rotation of the home screen only works on standard mode not zoom. This is by far the best iPhone ever with out exemptions. The interface is smooth and fast every thing one does just works. Yes many apps need upgrades but give it time. Cheers col in Australia