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Jul 13, 2010
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oka i bought a brand new iphone 4 off someone , how can i activate it, i opened it and plugged it into itunes, but it shows no signal.
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Are you with att?

IF SO: then just make sure your sim is in it and turned on and plugged in and itunes on and connected to the internet.

IF NOT: then you cannot activate it yet. There will be an unlock program coming soon so you can activate it then. Dont ask when as there is not a set release date for the unlock.
I'm with AT&T but I bought it from someone. It was still wrapped and everything. I plugged it in and synced it and it never activated the microsim. And I cant out my old sim in there
Take it to an AT&T store. They will give you a new sim for your account that will fit it.
Well heres the thing. When u take it to att to get a micro sim for your old sim make sure they domt try and make any changes to your plan. Thats the important part
i called this morning and the customer service was great! sooo stoked