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[HELP] Theming problem on my iPhone 4!


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Nov 21, 2012
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Hello guys,
I'm trying to remove the slider background from the lockscreen and I've tried every single method on the internet but I've only been able to remove the clock's background but the slider just stays there.
I think it's because I'm on iOS 6.0. I read about other people who have done it but only on 4.x.x and 5.x.x but not on 6 and I've searched a lot with nothing in return.. So please if you know some magic or something just pass it to me. I've tried editing the applied theme's images to transparent at /var/stash... but it didn't work (only the clock's), cydia mods don't work too, other themes like "Clear Me", "Clear Lockscreen" and "The Best Clear Lockscreen" or something like that can't recall. NONE worked. They all change the slider icon and remove the "Slide to unlock" label only!
Oh! and I have an iPhone 4..
Thanks in advance and your help is really appreciated! tc :D