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Oct 29, 2010
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Hi I am a new kid in the blog and like to grow with the helping community. Just got a hang on new Iphone 4 .its amazing but bit difficult to get adjusted in the beginning ,especially when you were a window user earlier.
Just wanted to know from experts that i have got my iphone4 unlocked .It was not factory unlocked.so is it safe to download the 3rd party application like from Cydia etc.
Also i wanted to know if you have any option of having templates in the inbuilt message apps.
Welcome to the forum! here you will find pretty much anything you need to know about the iphone, if one person cant help you then some one else always will :)

i have a factory unlocked iphone but i dont jailbreak, though it does no harm to your iphone you can jailbreak 4.1 download any cydia apps and you will be fine no problems