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hello from Budapest


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Oct 24, 2010
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hi everyone,

a fews days ago, I was in Geneva and bought an unlocked 16 gigs, was not anymore 32gigs for sale, and when I came back, I had to activate my Iphone thru Tmobile Hungary....They gave me a news and smaller Sim card, and, since I am under contract till january 3 of 2011, I do wonder, if they ( blocked) my Iphone 4 4,1 version 8B117, because, with my Sony Erikson, I was used to frequently changes roms and for that I had to jailbreak it, with, no problems...

With my news Iphone, reading and surfing the Net, read lots of stuffs, I am not able to jailbreak it...

Somes hints?

also, when using Itunes, the lattest version, when Itunes and Iphone are connected, and I moves icon, from one page to another one, notinhg append in the Iphone

thanks you