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Hello All! And a Quck Question about the White iPhone 4


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Nov 3, 2010
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Hi Board,

iPhone user from Sacramento, CA! Love my iPhone 4 (having it modded to white this weekend after seeing something about it on this forum!)

Quick Question though, does anyone know how some folks have gotten *official* white iPhone 4s? I've seen a few official unboxings on youtube and it drives me nuts!
There are no "Official" white iPhones. They have all been modded.. In most of the videos you can see where the white edging on the glass sticks up further than the real thing. They are being sold on eBay as the real thing but don't be deceived.
Are we sure? This seems really real to me!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/user/FONGERTV#p/a/u/2/7M4LEyiTX-4]YouTube - FONGERTV's Channel[/ame]

It seems somehow *some* people have gotten them.. and yes, I'm very jealous.
go on the apple website to check if its real or not they would have them for sale there wouldent they? but there is currently no white iphone 4 on the apple website they completely removed it..

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so Danny is right there is no oficial iphone 4 white, they are all modded no matter how real it looks, the supporter of this forum that supply white parts that looks very real also but is not officialy from apple
oh yeah there are a few real videos that some news reporters got their hands on one at the wwdc they where official iphone 4 whites..