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Has anyone tried Pinlo cases ?


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Nov 18, 2010
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Hey guys,

I am considering buying the Slice 3 from Pinlo, they say it's the thinnest iPhone 4 case but I was wondering if anyone had already bought a case from them and could give me some feedback ?


Yep I've just received mine! I have also ordered the Blade Edge from Pinlo!

Great quality, not disappointed!

I saw a product review on YouTube of the Slice 3 by Pinlo! Just ordered one, can't wait to see it!
Thanks man!

I will check it out!

Also I saw that ilounge put a review as well! Anyway im so glad to have mine!

Look a bit to thin to me. Not much on the side of protection. If you want looks why don't you just get a bumper? I don't personally use one but for looks they are good.
Thin but simple and clean cut. Just need to be extra cautious I guess.
I've had my slice 3 for about a week now and am pretty happy with it. I was very aggravated upon first opening it, however, because the cdma (Verizon) version is way different than the gsm version and it wasn't even accurately pictured on the pinlo site until a few days ago AFTER i ordered the case.

it has a checkered backing to it which isn't ugly but i was really hoping for the clear as it was pictured

the top is open like the bottom, NOT closed with cut-outs for the headphone jack, mic and lock button like the gms- i think they changed the design due to the ripping/tearing/bending issues when trying to take the case off the phone. it's easy to put on but while removing it you need to be extremely careful not to tear it.


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