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Handy Light App - Who got it?

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Jul 21, 2010
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Handy light is a $0.99 cent application that lets you choose from 5 "designer" colors on your screen. At first glance, it looked like another stupid flashlight app. But it had, as Engadget called it, a "Dirty Little Secret".

The developer posted a YouTube video with detailed instructions on how to set up an Ad Hoc wireless network and use it to tether the phone's internet connection with your Mac. Without having to jailbreak the phone!

Once the word got out, it was only a matter of time before Apple yanked it.

I picked it up last night about a half hour before people started to say that it was pulled from the App Store.

I was skeptic at first, until I read the reviews... That would have been a slick way for some guy to sell lots of copies of a functionless app nevertheless!

Works like a charm! I ran a speed test and was able to get downlink speeds of 2.5mbps and uplink speeds of .5 mbps. When I bought my new iPhone I kicked around the idea of going to a lower data plan, being that I only use about 700MB a month (without tethering), but I'm glad i kept the unlimited plan - for surprises like this. Not that I think I would eclipse the 2GB cap, even if I got the less expensive plan.

Who got it before it was pulled? Who's gonna keep using it? You can share the app with friends that missed out by authorizing their accounts.

I told my friend I'd share him the "Handy Light" app if he shared his Navigon app with me!
I'm begging anyone and everyone to share the handy light app with me cuz I unfortunately missed out on it and if y'all won't then I'll try it if I maybe go with my family to canada next month for a few days but come on I'm practically on my knees groveling begging like a dog even *lol
I'm sorry but there's not much I can do for you in return cuz I don't kno how to authorize and share apps but plz help me anyway
It can't be shared guys... even if you got the password of the account that it was purchased on. It has been removed from from the app store so there would be no way to D/L it again.....
Ok so since there's no possible way 2 redownload it do u think that maybe they'll put it back up for one more random day or is iproxy a better alternative? Maybe i'll create a 2nd iTunes account based in Canada if we go there for a few days next month cuz as far as I kno they still have it cuz they don't need it those damn canadiens lol
Really and I'm thinking if I download it over there like that then I'll b able to keep it cuz wouldn't it b in one of my two accounts and it only really has to sync once wen its still in Canada anyhow no?? Lol
Nope, pulled means pulled. Same as the Dev that made it.... We won't be seeing him or his app again... ;)
No because apparently it's different for every country and they might do like wat they did with the app nullrivers netshare 2 years ago and put it bak up for one random day in august to boost ratings or something so look out for that
you guys are lucky (those who got it)
i'm still waiting for my iphone 4 :(
But then again who knows cuz fact is I can't find it in the Canadian app store either but then again the post was 3 days old so I guess this is kind of an oh well moment so anyone kno of something similar to handy light other than that iproxy crap?
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