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Oct 16, 2010
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What is a good hiking tracking gps app that will work with Iph4 and there are no extra service charge from ATT and works with google earth. I have unlimited data.
Try MotionX-GPS ($2.99). Very good for tracking, works with Google Maps, and you can dowload free road, terrain, and NOAA maps. It also has a User Manual, and a real Customer Service department.

(Note: There is also MotionX GPS Drive ($.99), but that's just for driving. However, it's also very good for its intended purpose.)
I installed map quest for iphone 4 (from app store) last night. It seems to work nicely, but have not tried it on a real road trip. It is free.
I second Motion X its like 1 buck or something cheap and you only pay for the talking.. great app