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Google Goggles Gets Major Update, Including The Ability to Solve Sudoku Puzzles!


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Jun 18, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdftOloAH9Q]YouTube - Google Goggles Sudoku Demo[/ame]​

As all those current and soon-to-be Verizon customers start to get excited about the prospect of owning an iPhone, here’s just one example of the millions of fab things they'll find on their new iPhone – Google Goggles. As part of the update to Google’s Mobile app for iPhone and iPad, Google Goggles now has US print ad recognition support and automatic Sudoku solving, believe it or not! Print ad recognition is a very handy little feature that enables you to take a picture of a print ad in US newspapers and magazines to bring up search results on the items featured in the ad. Automatic Sudoku solving is a fun little addition that basically just seems designed to show off how clever Google Goggles is! Although the phone used in Google’s demo featured at the top of this post isn’t an iPhone, it still gives a pretty good indication of exactly how Google Goggles on your iPhone will be able to automatically solve any Sudoku puzzle once you’ve captured it on your iPhone camera.

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Source: MacRumors iPhone Blog: 'Google Goggles' Updated With Print Ad Recognition, Sudoku Solving