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iOS Safari Browser Gets Google Instant Previews


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Jun 18, 2010
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9To5 Mac reports today that Google is adding the Instant Previews feature from Google desktop search to iOS Safari browsers. Basically this is where you click on the little magnifying glass icon that pops up in a list of search results and then get to view a large-ish thumbnail preview of the site in question. 9to5 Mac says that the new feature also enables you to flick through all the previews of a search string. If you’ve just gone and grabbed your iPhone 4 or iPad to check out the feature immediately and wondered why it isn’t there, well that’s because it has yet to appear on either yet, according to 9to5 Mac, so it’s clearly a very early stage of the rollout for the new feature. Google usually announces such new goodies via its Google Mobile Blog, so expect to see them mentioning the launch of Instant Previews any day now.

Source: Google ‘Instant Previews’ come to iOS Safari | 9 to 5 Mac Google ‘Instant Previews’ come to iOS Safari | Apple Intelligence

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