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Geo tagging old photos


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Jul 21, 2010
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I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help me.

My question is regarding the geotagging feature on the iphone4. This is my first iphone and so therefore the only pictures I have geotagged are the ones I’ve taken on my phone so far.

Is there a way of getting all my archived photo albums from my pc back on my iphone4 whilst at the same time manually adding the geotags to the photos than I want to put on (retrotagging if no one has already coined the phrase).

Any help or advice is much appreciated.
im not sure. i know all the ones that i took before the 4.0 update automatically geotagged themselves. i didnt even know it was doing it before the update. but as far as manually tagging them im not sure
Thats the thing, this is my first iphone so i dont even have the benifit of that.

All the photos I would like to put on would be from my computer taken with various old phones/digital cameras.
Nope, just have too start from here. They are saved with the picture not in a separate file so no way to edit the tags.
The other day I was wondering the same thing.... So I MMS end emailed some pictures from my 3GS to my 4 then saved them to the camera roll. About 50-60% of them had the tags and showed up, the rest dont. I also opened up Safari and saved a photo and it worked too! But, I saved about 10 more and none of them worked. Weird. I also had a buddy take a picture with his 3G and MMS it to me. I saved it and it had the tag.