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[GAME]Punch Bird ( don't worry not a flappy bird clone lol)


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May 14, 2014
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I know what you're thinking, another bird game? I totally understand, but this game is nothing like flappy bird or angry birds. Totally different game play, and in my opinion better and enjoyable. The whole premise is that you have to punch the birds before they reach the left side screen. There are 14 bird with unique patterns, sort of like Duck Hunt for NES, if you're into retro type games. I've been getting good response from those who have downloaded, they seem to think its very addicting.

Here is the description from google play:
Description: Are you tired of all these birds infesting your mobile devices by flapping around and flying into pipes or other objects that they can easily avoid ? Don't you just wish, you can just punch them? Well, here is a chance to get close and personal with those clumsy flappy birds by introducing them to your FIST. There are 14 birds that have unique patterns that you must master in order to be the top puncher on the leaderboards. It's a very hard challenging game that will keep you playing non stop!
How To Play :The fist only appears on the left side of the screen, you may tap anywhere on the screen to make it come out. You can't let the birds reach the left side of the screen, or you'll lose.
Have fun punching those flapper birds out of the screen!

here is the trailer link:

I really hope you guys can write a review of it, and mostly enjoy the game. I really want people to like my game and have fun with it.

Thank you for your time.

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