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Free Sat Nav App Parks itself in App Store


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Jun 18, 2010
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Navmii, a publisher of navigation and location apps, has today announced the launch of its new community-based navigation app, NavFree, which is a free to download, fully functioning, GPS/Satellite Navigation app for iPhone and iPad. The app is available now in the UK & Republic of Ireland iTunes store, and will soon be rolled out for continental European counties and the USA.

NavFree does everything you'd expect from in-car GPS/satellite navigation, enabling you to search for an address by postcode, city, street or house, and be instantly routed there with full voice directions. NavFree will also re-route you if you take a wrong turn and provides you with handy information on journey distance, estimated time of arrival, points of interest and live Google search for local facilities. Regular map updates will also be provided free of charge. The only thing you'll have to pay for is the addition of extra functions such as speed camera locations, local petrol prices and traffic information, which will be available as in-app purchases. Here's Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii, talking about the app:
“NavFree changes the face of GPS navigation on the iPhone. Anyone with an iPhone can now have satellite navigation for free. Mapping is provided by OpenStreetMap and is stored on the iPhone, making NavFree faster and more accurate than other free navigation services. What’s more, because the maps are stored on the phone, there are no mobile data charges – just high quality, no cost navigation. Users will be able to contribute to the success of NavFree, by providing feedback on the maps, making NavFree a community built, free to use, navigation app for iPhone and iPad.”
You can download NavFree here from the app store for free.

Source: Navmii
Ive used it and it is pretty good for a free app and no data charges, needs more people to use it and feed it with local rural street names though

watch out tom tom a very good rival that costs nothing