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Free Panic Alarm App Available in UK


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Jun 18, 2010
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British insurance company Legal and General is offering UK iPhone owners a free Panic Alarm app. On the company website, Legal & General says that it was prompted to offer the app in response to research from the University of Leicester in the UK, which suggested that criminals are turning away from breaking into people's homes and turning instead to personal muggings.

Legal and General suggests that users activate the app before going out, so that it will then be ready to be pressed should they find themselves in trouble. Once the huge, can't-miss-it, panic button is pressed, an ear-shattering alarm will sound that will send an attacker, or anyone else in the vicinity, reeling. The alarm is protected by a pin number, so it can't be cancelled by an attacker. The app can also be set to automatically call a previously nominated SOS number from the user's contacts to summon help.

Legal and General's website also has some very useful general personal safety tips, courtesy of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, such as avoiding poorly lit streets, not wearing headphones when walking at night, carrying a personal alarm such as the app alarm, and heading for the nearest safe place such as a police station or shop as soon as you sense there might be trouble ahead (trust your intuition and gut feeling, it's usually right). As far as the safety of your home is concerned, Legal & General suggests, among other things, installing security lighting, pruning shrubs and hedges around your home to minimise cover for an intruder, and always keeping your doors and windows locked.

The free Panic Alarm app is available for download from the iTunes App store to anyone in the UK, not just L&G customers.

Source: Legal & General