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Panic Alarm and Medical Alert App Launched For iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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We've all seen those stories of how someone's iPhone has helped them escape from a dangerous situation, such as the man who was trapped under rubble after the Haiti earthquake, and the truth is, you never know when you might find yourself in a dangerous situation, so it's a good idea to have a couple of emergency apps on your iPhone, just in case. One such app that could save someone's life is the newly launched OnCallDefender from Advanced Mobile Protection. The app includes a panic alarm and a medical alert, or a combination of the two, and connects subscribers to a 24-hour monitoring station with a direct line to law-enforcement and EMS dispatch.

Panic alarms can be sent with either a high-pitched police siren to create attention, or as a silent alarm sent secretly to the monitoring station. Using the iPhone's location-based technology, OnCall Defender can quickly determine where the alarm is coming from, and will then initiate continuous ten-second tracking, keeping first responders informed. The app will also provide the central monitoring station with vital background details, such as restraining orders, medical conditions, location details and a photo of the victim.

They really do seem to have thought of everything, as users can also run a network connection test with the app to ensure that the all-important connection to the monitoring station is working, as well as testing the GPS satellite connection, the cellular network, the siren and the medical alert.
The app has found favour with the YWCA, an organisation whose programs for women and girls instill the skills and tools needed to stand up against and prevent violent attacks, including domestic violence. Here's Julia Miele, executive director of the YWCA Santa Monica/Westside branch, talking about the app:
“Among the preventative tools that people can use to ensure peace of mind wherever they go, OnCall Defender offers a fresh, high-tech approach that is easily accessible to so many people today."
OnCall Defender is free to download from the US iTunes App Store, and you can check out the AMP link below to find out more about it and about subscription options.

Source: AMP
i think its good idea but how long until you find the app and open it and then wait for it to load and then find the button. might be too late
They should change it so when you do the death grip for 5-8 seconds, it activates the panic app.
I have bought my first ever smart phone and its Iphone 4. Its true that its having a bad reception and loosing its signal when your talking to someone. I guess I just have to jump to Blackberry.
I'm a blackberry mobile user, but I think I might jump to Iphone. When I saw this application, it cracked me up. Now I know that Blackberry still have incomplete applications.
sounds like a smart progam, hopefully you will never use it :)