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Foxreal newly opened up iPhone 4S column to help users get best enjoyment


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Sep 5, 2011
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After more than a year with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S announced this month by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

iPhone 4S may have been the most attractive mobile phone since it released on October 4. Siri has been the hottest topic in mobile phone, the intelligent assistant helps you get things done. All you have to do is ask. This feature gives new direction for other mobile company. Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics. The iPhone 4S camera gives you 8 megapixels, that’s 60 percent more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4. Besides, the 1080P recording and playback feature leaves us good impression. With so many features on iPhone 4S, Foxreal opened up iPhone 4S column ( http://www.foxreal.com/iPhone4s/ ) to help users get better enjoyment on iPhone 4S.

On this column page, we can see the latest news about Apple’s products, include iOS, iTunes, iPhone and iPad. There are many useful guides and tips for users, such as convert HD videos to iPhone 4S, rip DVD/Blu-ray to iPhone 4S, watch FLV/AVI/MKV movies on iPhone 4S. APPs and games are also recommended on this page, these apps and games are carefully selected which give users unprecedented enjoyment.

The most useful part in iPhone 4S column is converter recommendation, these convert tools are the best assistants to iPhone 4S. Video Converter helps users to convert FLV/AVI/MKV/WMV/TiVo/MTS/M2TS to MP4 format which is supported by iPhone 4S; DVD Ripper can convert DVD disc or ISO/IFO file to MP4; Blu-ray Ripper not only convert Blu-ray but also convert DVD to MP4 format. iPhone Converter Ultimate is the most powerful converter for iPhone 4S which combines all the functions of other software, this software can convert Blu-ray/DVD/HD movies to iPhone H.264 MP4 video. Mac version is also available to these products.

The last but not the least, users can also suggest a topic, make comments, or share their tricks and tips about iPhone 4S on this column page. Users can also contact Foxreal on Facebook (www.facebook.com/foxreal). Now, users like Foxreal on Facebook will get coupon of $5. Foxreal will do best to provide users the best enjoyment.

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