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First R-Type Screenshots


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Jun 18, 2010
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What with all the reception furore, let's not forget that the iPhone is still an amazing gaming device, and comfort ourselves by casting a long lingering look over these first screenshots from the iPhone/iPod touch version of the classic side-scrolling shooter, R-Type. DotEmu is the company responsible for bringing them to us, a developer and publisher dedicated to porting 80s and 90s games over to new platforms.

R-Type was one of the most popular side-scrolling shooters of the 90s, introducing many graphical and gameplay innovations, including the charge shot feature. It was also well known for the giant bosses at the end of each level. R-Type has been ported to many, many platforms, from PC to 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, and now it's coming to iPhone and iPod touch and looking good, yay!

Here's Xavier Liard, CEO of DotEmu, talking about bringing a classic up to date:

We are very pleased to work on R-Type and to start our collaboration with Irem Software Engineering Inc. Our main goal is to make the best touch version possible of this great game to seduce both fans and new players. This is really a great game and we are eager to release it!

Unfortunately it looks like DotEmu won't be "seducing" any of us with R-Type in the near future, the saucy devils, as the game's release date is still TBA.

Source: DotEmu

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This was one of my favorite games on the snes!
yep loving it, they run well on the iphone 4 all these old games. even the ps ones