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First iPhone 6 Purchased in Perth, Australia Gets Immediately Dropped on Concrete


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Jul 27, 2011
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The video above is both humorous and gut-wrenching. A newscaster in Perth, Australia, decided to interview the first person to get an iPhone 6 in that city right after he left the store. She insisted he open up his box and show her the precious cargo inside, but, just as he did so, he nervously dropped it onto the ground.

You can't quite tell how badly it was damaged, but it was obvious that it didn't come away unscathed. You can't help but wonder what they were thinking at the same time you feel sorry for him. Do you think, the media (or Apple) offered to replace it?
It's painful to watch...
That's awful, I feel really bad for him, She didn't seem too bothered either, I so hope they replaced it for him.
I googled it to see if it was replaced but apparently it was unscathed by the fall, Phew, I'm pleased to see that.
It would have had the plastic still on so that would have helped I guess.
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