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Captain Obvious Says, 'Don't boil your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola.'


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Jul 27, 2011
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Seriously, people just keep trying to come up with the most creative way to torture and destroy their electronic devices. We've seen smartphones dropped, hammered, cut, stabbed, drowned, run over, shot, exploded, blended, sliced, sent into space and more. Today's wacky video takes the cake by going way out into crazy-land.

This creative YouTuber decided to boil his iPhone 6, but not in water... oh no. That would be too easy. Instead he boils his iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola. Yep.

It turns out this is more intriguing than you would think at first blush. This way, we get to watch several unusual things at the same time... one is the way an iPhone 6 reacts to being boiled; the second is the way Coca-Cola reacts to being boiled; the third is the interaction of these two interactions. It makes for a fairly entertaining watch, although we can't attest to the sensibilities of the videographer. Let us know what you think of this bizarre find.
"I can confirm to you guys this phone no longer works"

No WAY!! I'm shocked!
"I can confirm this iphone no longer works"
What an idiot!!!
All you have here is another wannabe wanting their 15 minutes of fame.
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He was REALLY testing the frying pan......to see if it was TRULY......"Non-Stick"!!:rolleyes:
Buckin' for the 2014 "Darwin of the Year"award, no doubt...time's running short....!!:confused:
Does AppleCare+ cover being boiled in Coke? Morons!

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