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FBI issues warning over android malware


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Mar 28, 2012
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“Developers often complain about the hoops Apple makes them jump through to get their wares into the iOS App Store. But the company has its reasons — besides its 30% cut of the revenue — and one of them was illustrated by the warning issued Friday by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3),” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “‘The IC3 has been made aware of various malware attacking Android operating systems for mobile devices,’ it begins. ‘Some of the latest known versions of this type of malware are Loozfon and FinFisher.’”

“Loozfon is an information-stealing piece of malware,” P.E.D. reports. “Criminals use different variants to lure the victims. One version is a work-at-home opportunity that promises a profitable payday just for sending out email. A link within these advertisements leads to a website that is designed to push Loozfon on the user’s device. The malicious application steals contact details from the user’s address book and the infected device’s phone number.”

P.E.D. reports, “FinFisher is a spyware capable of taking over the components of a mobile device. When installed the mobile device can be remotely controlled and monitored no matter where the Target is located. FinFisher can be easily transmitted to a Smartphone when the user visits a specific web link or opens a text message masquerading as a system update.”

Source: Mac Daily News


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Sep 18, 2012
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N. E. Ohio
Thanks man,great news! :)

It's news. Not great news in any shape or form.

I can't say exactly what marluss had in mine when he said great news, could be great story, I want to give the member the benefit of the doubt.

One thing I noticed about this forums since I first joined was the lack of hatred that is so prevalant with many Android Forum members. They make fun of us who have iPhones, think we are less then and love taking whatever cheap shots they can take at Apple, iPhone, and their users. We know we have a great phone, and I'll be honest there are a lot of great Android phones out there. I'm not happy about any news about malware and Android and oh, by the way, the story is the FBI warning people. But that doesn't mean Malware is running rapid on Android phones. Unfortunately for them they can have devs from just about anywhere offer up anything. We have Apple watching out for us so less chance of that.

Let's just not lower ourselves to the us and them thing.