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End the debate: Get a screen protector!


Nov 15, 2011
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While you're debating on whether you should get a screen protector or not, or if you're trying to decide which brand to get, do yourself a favor: go to Walmart and get one of the cheap screen protectors. NOW. Don't delay. Here is my tale to support this statement:

I usually get my screen protectors from Power Support (on my iPad- it works beautifully!) and they're awesome. But of course...I've yet to order one. I have a brand new iPhone 4S. Two weeks old. In the interim, I spent $8 at Walmart to get a pack of three Fellowes Writeright screen protectors for my iPhone, put one on as soon as I got home.

Today, while I was laying on the floor in the sunshine, near the breakfast bar separating the kitchen from the living room, reading a magazine and so forth, my cat knocked one of the decorations off our little Christmas tree (a 3' fakie sitting on the wide end of the breakfast bar). The decoration, a walnut-sized solid ceramic piece (oddly enough, the decoration happens to be of a walnut partially open with two cute little mice sleeping in a bed in it), fell straight down and landed squarely on the iPhone screen with a loud WHACK. Pretty much dropping a walnut-sized rock 5' straight onto the screen.

This left what appeared to be a small circular crack. Like a big ding in your windshield that you'd get from a flying rock.

AAAAGGGHHH!! Brand new iPhone! FREAK accident! And you know how long, spidery cracks start!

And I didn't get AppleCare+ for it. Normally I insure through Worth Avenue (as I have with my iPad), but haven't gotten around to it, yet. Lazy me but also been busy with a lot of stuff lately.

So, I thought to at least remove the screen protector, assess the damage, clean it up as best as possible and then seal the screen with a new screen protector, see if I could get away with having a tiny hole/chip in the screen that would-hopefully-be minimized even more with the new screen protector.

Lo and behold...after pulling the screen protector off....the screen was in PERFECT shape! The screen protector took ALL of the impact!

For all those folks who say a screen protector isn't necessary.....good on ya as I guess you've got the money to burn. Folks like me live 3.5 hours away from the nearest Apple Store (I got my phone from the nearest Sprint Store, 1.5 hours south of here) and the cell phone is our ONLY phone.

Moral of the story: A screen protector of SOME kind is better than no screen protector at all!

Now, off to add my iPhone to my current Worth Avenue insurance plan....

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Nov 22, 2010
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You're right: lesson learned! Thanks for the reminder, and the story! Best of luck to you.

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