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Emergency calls only. Cant get to my start screen.


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Jul 31, 2010
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Gonna try to explain this as good as I can.

I bought the new iphone 4 yesterday. I had to change my operator, and that was gonna take 10 days. I couldent wait, so I had to try and use my old sim card. It didnt work. I could use my phone to surf the internet and appstore. I just couldent call and text with it. (and that is gonna take 10 days)

So I tried to restore my phone via Itunes.

But now, after I restored it via itunes, I cant use my phone.
When I turn it on, I get a message: Insert a valid sim card with no pin code to activate your iphone.
And I can call emergancy numbers.

What do I do to fix this? Do I have to deliver it to were I bought it and get them to fix this, or can I do it my self?
You will need a valid sim and phone plan. Then sync to iTunes to activate your phone.
So I havent broken anything?

I guess this is something that they can fix were I bought it?