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Jul 4, 2012
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These are the 60 apps that have shown outstanding performance, have been almost universally liked by users young and old, or have had a solid history of being among the apps.

You can get plenty of amazing apps from the Netsmartz LLC iPhone Apps Store.
  • FlyCaddie - Easy to use range finder for golf enthusiasts, built on mobile platforms. The information is available in the iPhone app through GPS Satellite Navigation.
  • Social Networking - The application allows the user to create a profile, auto login and then upload photo video + audio files to the servers and other users who have the same application on their iphone can view these files and comment on it. Audio recording facility will be provided from the application.
  • Gangstar Racco - Overview of the game is that the mouse chases cheese in the alley avoiding mouse traps and cats.
  • Sling It - Audio, Video streaming & PDF reader is an easy to use iPhone application. The objective of this application is to allow users to stream videos and audio files as well as read & download PDF files.
  • iSingCanU - User can listen and record songs through this application. The songs are read from the iPod. The user selects a song and sings parallel.
  • iVAndal - iVAndal is an iPhone application for entertainment purposes where user can take a new photo or import an existing photo from his camera roll on the mobile device, deface it with help of paintball splatter, spray paint and rock and then save the defaced photo to the device.
  • Kode Klock - Kode Klock is an alarm application, which forces the user to type in a combination of numbers to turn the alarm off. The purpose of this function is to ensure people do not miss class, work, or appointments by accidentally turning off their alarm clock while still in a dream-like state.
  • SimGym - SimGym is an east to use iPhone applications. The main objective of this application is to help user during gym exercises with proper instruction and user can track his performance over time by using this application.
  • Manual J - Manual J application is specially designed for HVAC professionals, Engineers and Architects. Contractors can use this application to store customer information, make manual J calculations. The application allows user to generate and mail reports.
  • Question And Answer - The application is spread over two one for questions and second for answers. The objective of questions application is to allow the users to create question and the user of the answer application to receive those questions and answer them.
  • iReport Time - iReport Time is an easy to use application, which allows user to get check the job assigned to him/her. The user gets the name of the store where the user has to work. In this application the user will place the number of hours that were required for the completion of the work.
Some More Apps - Pass The Buck, ifree Style Battle, Studz Ripped, Vision Board, Mall Navigator, Lex18, Medical Video, Hebrew Calendar, The Big Free Quiz, Support Local Vendors, ihot Connection, OCP, Skate or Dice, i2, iEdl, ATS Sports, BlowGun, Cigars, Crashed Car, Divorce Encyclopedia, Emoticons, PocketDiary , Lesko Free Money, MartialInfo, Middle English Conversion, Pocket Coach, Pregnency Test, WeDo, Diamond Geezer, ChillList, Cimarron Escrow, Fastline, Frugz, iGrapper, iQuickText, MyGolfNvigator, OZone Fit, RealEstate, Secret Texting Codes, Trigger, IDX, Bolder Image, Pocket Pole, Znode, Speak English, eReceipt, StolenCarReports.com, Park Explorer, CoadyPhotoGraphy, Homeworknow.com, Call 4 Help, Gold Scale, GI Track.

So download your favorite apps now and get started. Make your phone more attractive and useful. Have fun and play more, work more. These apps bring everything to your fingertips. What else you need!

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