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Amazing application Launched Tip calculator with new and extra features....


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Feb 27, 2012
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This application has mind blowing features. The applications which are available over the internet are with different features. The wonderful features of this calculator make it more loving. You can able to choose free and paid versions of it. You can found many more on iTunes app store. This application is easily to operate. You can calculate the tips very easily.
• It allows you for any type of tip percentage
• Also works with all type of international currencies
• Allows you for exclusion of tax from the tip
• Tipping information over 240 world countries
• It also split your bill between party members
• You have to enter only bill amount and rest leave on the
• It helps to save your money
• Awesome Graphics $scr6.jpg$app_screenshot.jpg
• Some applications are also available with background music
• Easy to use and easy to operate
• Available in different versions
Tipping is now just so easy. You can easily figure out tip in a hurry with the help of tip calculator. This application is perfect for calculating the tip. Give it a try today. Install it in your phone and start enjoying this great application. You definitely love the features of this application. Be sure that the application you are going to download is loaded with latest and with full features. You can easily download this great application from our website. The applications have great features. If you are planning for traveling a foreign country don’t forget to download this cool application in your phone. When you go for dinner in a restaurant it helps to calculate tip and also split your bill in people. Go for this cool application today. You can change the settings of this application according to your requirement. You can also calculate the tip of a pizza delivery guy. The tip and the tax rates are adjustable you can easily change it. Most of the applications has user friendly interface. You can also set the default tip percentage. There are many tip calculators are available in the market. When you are going to download this application be sure that the features are available in that application which are really important for best user experience.
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