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dropped iphone


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Apr 30, 2013
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So i dropped my iphone a couple weeks ago screen went black can hear calls messeges ect now the thing is i was gonna take it to change out the lcd screen and front glass but when i take a picture of the front screen it looks like this wondering if it's an issue just dont dont wanna go pay 100 bucks if the phone is just jacked $IMG_0471.jpg
Wow, that's a first. I'd say try a hard reset, and if it persists, if you're still under warranty, get it replaced before committing the $100. Don't think it's the screen particularly, might be something else.
that doesen't sound to good.. I've tried the hard reset multiple times the lcd is def out and i'm not sure why the home screen looks like that it didn't after i first dropped it but now it does also i'm no longer under warranty
On the actual screen, is it being displayed in landscape? Or is it just the screen capture that shows up like this
i'm pretty sure it's in landscape because i was able to awnser the phone and turn the music on since i knew where the buttons were not they are all over the place where i can't even unlock the phone
Because the only reason I can think of that would it would show up like that is if your device is held sideways in landscape.
yeah i thought so too but nope it just looks like that now guess it's junk