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Drag Racing with the iphone4


Nov 11, 2010
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Ok, here are some videos recently shot with my iphone 4.

First here is a picture of the phone set up in the car. You have to look REALLY close through the windshield on top of the rearview mirror. The iphone is sitting sideways between the mirror and the headliner.


IMG_0439.mp4 video by 08FEH - Photobucket

IMG_0423.mp4 video by 08FEH - Photobucket

IMG_0436.mp4 video by 08FEH - Photobucket
First off, nice Chevelle. Is that a '71? Last pass I figured low 11's no? That's a pretty mean beast you have. From the looks of it I take that it's pretty streetable too which I like.
The videos came out real nice. How'd you mount it? It didn't have much vibration or anything. I have an old I/O Port rollbar mount in my car (which I've never really used)
Here is a pic of my car though I've since sold the skinnies and ET Streets......for now at least.


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Thanks man,

I love a 3rd Gen Camaro. Reminds me of high school.

The Chevelle is very much a street car that just goes to the track for fun. Your ET estimate was close, mid 11's mostly. It's right on the borderline for needing roll bars, which I refuse to have installed. It's all steel with a stock interior and wheels.

I didn't actually mount the iphone, I just slid it between the rear view mirror and the headliner. I had to tighten the mirror tension screw, but then I twisted the mirror up so the phone stayed using the downward pressure from the headliner.

I thought for sure it was going to fall out during the pass, but as you can see , it held great. I just slid it out after each pass to check out the movie.

Are you back to the stock wheels?

I'm back to stock tire size front and rear but the wheels are American Racing Gamblers. They look the same as the Centerline Legend Series Champ 506, the ones with the 5 holes in them. I have a 6pt bar with sidebar swingouts which are out for now. Best I had ran was high 12's. Wasn't bad for a full weight 3rd gen which is pretty heavy. It's got an all motor ZZ4 with a hi-flo TPI on it ,worked trans, convertor, suspension, etc...... a bunch of stuff all around. You know how it goes.
beautiful car. i love old schools. and thanks for the idea oh how to get a video lol
Thanks man,

This phone amazes me more and more each day.