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downgrade from 4.2.1 to 4.1


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Nov 27, 2010
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First off,

What is the main difference between 4.1 and 4.2.1 .. why was that upgrade necessary??? what did it add? or take away?

I wanted to jailbreak the phone but because of the tethered issue.. I will not cuz i have the 4.2.1 .. so I am thinking to downgrade to 4.1 in order to tether it properly.. Is there a way I can do that???
... if i do.. will i lose all my info??

Or is it recommended for me to just wait until they get a jailbreak for 4.2.1 that is untethered
Were you jailbroken on 4.1 and clicked the 'make my life easier button' in cydia or saved your SHSH blobs another way?

If not then your stuck on 4.2.1...
I had 4.1 but not jailbreak.. and i saw an update.. and decided to update it.. so i didnt do any jailbreaks yet.. but i found links that allow you to downgrade?? hmm
Good luck, you maybe stuck on 4.2.1 until 4.3 is released or a stable jailbreak is released for 4.2.1 which maybe awhile by the way it's looking with baseband changes from Apple