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Do I need to delete old iCloud backup before I do a new one?


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Feb 19, 2015
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I have an iP5S 32GB. I have a 20GB iCloud account. My last iCloud backup was a couple months ago = 19GB. If I want to do a new Backup do I need to delete the old backup or will the system just overwrite old data into new data & add whatever has changed since my last backup. I have a PC cloud backup service. Once I did the first large "C:/" backup every new backup just adds any changes that have been added to the drive. It doesn't recopy everything all over again. Also side note: if apple gives everyone 5GB free iCloud space & I paid for 20 GB upgrade, shouldn't I have 25 GB total storage place?
An new iCloud backup will not save everything again, just what's changed since the last backup. iCloud saves your last three backups in order that you can use one of them to restore your device once you need it. You'll be able to choose which one you'd like to restore.
So: no, you don't have to remove an old backup to free up space in iCloud.

When you upgrade your iCloud storage plan, you choose a total of 20 GB, 200 GB, ...
See Apple's information: iCloud storage pricing - Apple Support

Hope that helps.