What to do before selling old iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Talk' started by NYKrumrie, Dec 12, 2018.

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    I'm sorry if this is an old topic. I did a search in this forum & didn't get a direct answer. So I have an old iP4 & iP5 that I want to sell or maybe give away for Christmas. I did some research on what I need to do before I sell/give away the phones. I saw something about deactivating the phone from iCloud, iMessage & or as an active iTunes account on your PC. These phones have not been used in at least 2-3 years. I have no idea what or if they were ever in iCloud or anything else. If I do a factory reset of the devices shouldn't that just wipe out all personal data & settings so its like it was out of the box? Then whoever I give them to can just pop a compatible SIM in it & it will be like new? Am I wrong somewhere in this plan? Any help would be great!
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    Before erasing it, sign out of iCloud. If the devices have been connected to iCloud, and you don’t sign out, no one else can use them again afterwards, because of iCloud’s Activation Lock.
    Sign out of the iTunes and App Store as well, then erase all content and settings.

    You have to deregister iMessage, if you switch to a non-Apple device.
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