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Deceptive Apple Support Sleep/Wake button Replacement Program


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Feb 7, 2015
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Be aware:

According to the apple iPhone 5 support program at iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button Replacement Program - Apple Support I am: "The iPhone 5 serial number you entered is eligible for this program. Please follow the instructions to have your sleep/wake button replaced".

So I made my appointment with the Apple Store, drove there and was told, "No, your phone is too old, didn't you contact apple care first".

Alas, contacting applecare to verify eligibility isn't one of the steps on the page.

The entire instructions labeled "Replacement Process" says nothing about this.
The section labeled "Preparing your iPhone 5 for Service" says nothing about this.
Alas, apple does make the proclamation under the last section "Additional Information" as the last entry: "The program covers iPhone 5 models for 2 years after the first retail sale of the unit".

Alas, now we have a conflict: The top of the page says I'm eligible, the bottom has an out that I am not.

Why does apple do this? If I'm not eligible, I would have understood that and not complained. However, now I feel deceived.

I know how to work around the problem using access settings.


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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
Has it been more than two years since you've bought the phone? All the top of the page says is that the serial number of your iPhone is within the eligible group. According to the webpage you have to satisfy two conditions to get a free replacement power button. You have to have a serial number in the eligible group and it has to be within two years of the date you bought the phone.
I don't see any deception on Apple's part.


Jan 22, 2015
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I can understand why you would feel deceived. Officially their page is right. They need a precursor stating anything past 2 yrs is out of eligibility at the TOP of the page. That would eliminate this issue.

The repair ribbon for your issue is cheap. Like 10 bucks. The repair itself is a PITA if you've not done it. Once you have done one or two they are much easier.

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