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Data Usage


Oct 8, 2010
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Does anyone know exactly what constitutes “Data Usage”? What sort of activity counts against your monthly limit?

I tried both my local Apple and AT&T stores and there was no consensus. Most thought emails counted against the total, but weren’t sure about iTunes or app downloads, GPS usage, Location Services, eBooks downloads, etc.

Seems like there should be a definitive list somewhere.

(And yes, I did search this forum and didn't see a comprehensive answer.}
ANY web data is counted against your total. Example: app D/L, apps that use the net for scoring, emails,3rd party messaging, web browsing, voip calling... Basically anything that need web access to operate.

Things that won't charge you are things that are completely loaded to your phone like books,compass,phonebook,non web based games,ect.

If you want to test an app go to settings and put your phone in airplane mode then try whatever it is if a popup comes up and says you need a net connection...it's going to use data.
Many thanks DannyBoy. That helps a lot.