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iDataSpy -- most creative, most powerful, tool to to against data overage charges!


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Apr 19, 2011
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iDataSpy ----- the latest, most creative, most powerful, most luxuriant and most precise tool to to against data overage charges! We will continuously optimize it, because we build it with our full hearts.You can't miss it, never!


● Precisely tracking : iDataSpy can track your cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) , WiFi data usage and both speed every second, every minute, every day, every week, every month, even every year. The most powerful precision modifying algorithm can make iDataSpy more precise. iDataSpy, your own non-stop data guard!

● Clear at a glance : Your cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) and WiFi data usage are shown through bar graph. The percentage of data usage, remaining data, today's usage, total data usage in a week, total data usage in billing cycle are all clear at a glance!

● Creative functions : Remaining data 500(mb), what can it do? errrrr, Yes! You have no idea. But with the iDataSpy's original creation function ------ "The estimated time" tell you how long the remaining data can support for the continuous using of applications like: Web surfing, online-music listening, net FM, online HD video, Youtube, Skype, IM, Facetime, etc. Just download iDataSpy, have it immediately!

● Detailed logs : iDataSpy keeps every day's cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) and WiFi data usage, you can search and get the historical data easily.

● Three levels notification : Three levels of usage thresholds let you control your data use accurately, and you can easily customize your own thresholds.

● easy setting, easy going : It's very easy to set your billing cycle day and data allowance, once you have done, iDataSpy is now working.

● Works with all carriers : Works all over the world with all carriers.

● Since this is the first day you use this app, the iDataSpy data usage counter might be wrong. Wait until next reset date.

● Always remember to run iDataSpy BEFORE rebooting or shutting down, otherwise traffic generated between last app start and the reboot may not be computed and data usage could be underestimated!


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