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May 27, 2010
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If your a current iPhone user, let us know how long you have been using the iPhone?
I've been using the iphone for 2 years, and the upgraded camera on the 4 will be nice.
The iPhone4 Video is touch to focus, but no zoom yet in iOS4. :(
Well the iPhone 4 will use the iOS 4 to its full potential. The 3GS will get the iOS 4 upgrade but can't use everything in it.
I've been using the iPhone since day one. I happened to be on vacation in Orlando the day the original came out, but made sure to go online and find out where the nearest AT&T store would be, so that I could make a stop to get one! I've had all 3 models, and am trying to pre order the fourth, but no luck yet.
Had my 3G over a year. I am ready for the upgrade! Took three hours this morning to place an order on AT&T's site...
Ive had every single iPhone Model, all at launch except the 2G, I was on T-mobile when it launched so I bought an unlocked one a week after it came out. This was wayyyy before I knew about jailbreaking and unlocking. I remember messing up my baseband back in 1.x.x days and taking 2 days off to learn how to JB and Unlock myself. This, is where I am now, with my 3GS and The 4 is pre-ordered =]
From day one i got iPhone despite i have wait 3 month for use it with my regular sim card (that time i live in China) but i still have ATT sim card inside so time to time i can use it … i have stop to use my iPhone from the os 1.2 to 2.1 as i prefer my E71 at that moment when the 2.2 come out in switch back to iPhone 3G , and of course i have yet the 3Gs, and now waiting my iPhone4 , and update in 5 days from now my 3Gs in iOS4 …
I was a user since day 1. Liked the original metal case on the first gen, from an aesthetic standpoint. Went to 3G then 3GS. Kept handing the old units down to the wife and son. Now both wife and I will get the new 4s.
I've had a 3GS for a year. Am on to my second one as the first got wet, and I went straight out and bought another! Wish I'd been able to wait for the 4.... but I can't be without my iPhone.
I had the 2G for almost 2 years...upgraded last summer to the 3GS on launch day. I didn't drink the 3G Kool Aid and went 2 years with the 2G. It is my second phone...I have a company issued phone that I use for 95% of calls and texts. The iPhone is my "personal" phone...use it more for email, music and apps than I do a phone. But it is by my side at all times.