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Battery Usage by App in iOS8


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Jun 8, 2011
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Charlotte burb
Reported new feature in iOS8. I can only imagine the threads that will be created by this! :D

"Battery usage by app

Current versions of iOS let you see how much storage space each app you have installed takes up and how long you’ve used your phone since its last charge. iOS 8 promises to offer battery usage reporting by app, something that Android users have enjoyed for years. If you suspect that a specific app is killing your battery faster than others, this will be where you go to find out for sure."
Wowsers, I can see it already, this is going to be a popular feature.
Glad to see that this is coming to iOS as Android devices have had this feature for a while. It is very helpful in figuring out what app is killing your battery prematurely. It's one of the things I miss on my iPhone 5c. Another is widgets...

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As well as telling you what percentage of your battery charge was used by each app while in use, it also tells how much was used by each app while in the background. Check this out.


I never knew Siri was such a battery hog while in the background.
I also came to know about this feature, and I am sure it will be the best change in iOS 8 for its users. I really want to kill those apps who suck my iPhone's battery.