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Crap... I'm left-handed


Jun 23, 2010
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Some iPhone 4 models see signals drop to 0 when held left-handed, including ours (video) -- Engadget

What's more annoying than spending hours lining up for a shiny new gadget? Learning that your precious phone can't actually connect to the network. Well, depending on how you hold it -- word has it that the iPhone 4's bottom-left corner isn't playing nice with your skin. If you recall from the keynote, that's where the Bluetooth / WiFi / GPS antenna meets its GSM / UMTS counterpart. So we decided to test on two brand new iPhone 4 handsets purchased today in the UK.

One iPhone 4 demonstrated the issue everytime it was held in our left hand so that our palm was essentially bridging the two antennas. You can see that in the video after the break. Bridging the two with a finger tip, however, didn't cause any issues with the reported reception. If we had to guess, we'd say that our conductive skin was acting to detune the antenna -- in fact, we've already managed to slowly kill two calls that way so it's not just an issue with the software erroneously reporting an incorrect signal strength. That said, we had no issues when Apple's $29 rubber bumper accessory (given to us free for standing in line) was attached, creating a buffer between our palm and the antennas. See the video evidence after the break including Insanely Great Mac's version which got us to worrying in the first place.

I'd like to know more about this:
Apple's $29 rubber bumper accessory
Although I'm right handed. I always find myself using left hand when talking on the phone.
Here is an actual test showing call failure.

Even though I'm left-handed, I don't hold the phone like that.

Cover up the antennas and u lose signle lol I don't know how they missed that during testing of the phone