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Jul 3, 2010
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I ordered my iP4 on the 29th and got it today. In the last 8 days I've been 'educating' myself via this site and others partly to maximize the productivity of the device and partly because I'm just excited to play with it. All the pictures and all the reading didn't prepare me for the experience of holding it in my hand. The new design in which they eliminated the rounded back feels much less comfortable in my hand. I'll use the analogy of a palm stone, a rounded smoothe stone you can hold in your hand and move in your grip. That's how I handled my 3G, spin, slide and glide. Not this brick.

If Apple needed to eliminate the rounded grip in order to realize a new more powerful antenna design, okay. That doesn't appear to be the case. So...did they redesign the phone to feel like I'm holding an axe head in my hand for no reason? The new design will undoubtably reduce the number of accidental drops because it has more 'staying' power. Perhaps this was the catalyst. I'm surprised noone has addressed this very notable change in design. I can't be the only one...
I think partly it goes along with the "industrial design" that is so striking. Such as the MacBook and MacPro.. Also reduced the thickness by 25%. It is different but after a few days it grows on you.... Just feels like the most solid phone.... I'll be watching this thread let's give it a week and see what you think.. ;)
Don't get me wrong, there are mounting reasons I love this phone. I haven't been able to activate it (tried iTunes, ATT.com/activations and then called the phone number which just told me it was already activated) so I haven't been able to work with the phone part of the iPhone, but I'm on my WiFi and it's super fast! The screen resolution is superb and did I mention it's a alot faster than my 3G!?

Check it out though...not only did they NOT utilize any curvature on the back plate, but they actually built in a very tiny and sharp 'lip' around the edge of both the front and back face plates. Use your finger nail and scrape the edge of the face plates to reveal the sharp lip. I'm guessing they did it to make minimize accidental drops but my point is, it's FAR removed from the very curvey back on previous models. They could have easily put a mild curve on the back plate without compromising the frame or any other attributes. They went from soft, to sharp in one release. I'm just saying my hand took notice. :)

I love your Solstice DannyBoy! It's curvey like parts of the former iPhone models. Curvey things just feel better against your body. LOL