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Conditional call forwarding


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Sep 29, 2014
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I'm new to iphone/smart phones. My wife and I will be joining a family plan (AT&T). I've ordered 2- 5c iphones, that should arrive in few days, and I read, on the internet about setting up "conditional call forwarding". I want to set call forwarding on wife's phone to transfer to my phone after 5 rings. This should not pose a problem, but, what I'd like to also do, is set call forwarding on my phone to transfer a call to her phone after 5 rings.

My question, does call forwarding just become another incoming call to the second phone, or since we're using two iphones, does it use something like syncing (which I don't understand). If a forwarded call in just another incoming call, I realize my idea won't work.

Any suggestions? Thanx.