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Cleaning the Bumper


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Dec 14, 2010
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I have the blue bumper from Apple. The rubber parts have become dirty. I've tried using dish soap to clean it; also tried a Mr. Clean magic eraser... Neither worked.
There must be a way to get this thing clean. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Ummm, I'm talking about the bumper that goes on the iPhone, not on a vehicle. Also I haven't just graduated nor do I study aerospace engineering.
Also, I do happen to be 50 years old.
  1. Sand the bumper before you wash it. Take your sander and thoroughly go over the bumper. By sanding it, you prime the bumper for paint.
  2. Mix a mild soap with water. The normal soap that you use to wash your car is acceptable for the bumper. Most of these soaps are concentrated, so plan to put in only a small amount. Use a clean bucket and mix the soap and water together. Throw in the sponge that you plan to use, so that it gets damp.
  3. Wash the bumper with the sponge and soapy water. Definitely use a little elbow grease when cleaning it. Since the bumper is off the car at this point, clean all areas of it.
  4. Rinse the bumper thoroughly. Regular water from the hose is fine to rinse off the bumper. Once it is clean, you are ready to paint.
Hey Snowly,

I'm not sure that will work on an iPhone bumper.

By the way, I'm still looking for a way to clean it (my iPhone bumper)
if anyone has any ideas.
i would honestly suggest going on to eBay and purchasing a case for your phone. I've seen the free bumpers that apple gave away and they really dont offer much protection. i have a Speck candy shell case for mine and otterbox makes great cases as well. You can get them much cheaper on ebay considering they run around 30bucks at the att store.

If you absolutely want to keep that bumper i would suggest rubbing alcohol or acetone. You can find these solutions in something as common as nail polish remover so if you dont happen to have rubbing alcohol or a bottle of acetone laying around them maybe you have some nail polish remover in your bathroom. Good luck!

oh and BTW....i think snowly was joking, he was talking about a car bumper :)
I would check Google to see what they recommend. Maybe look to see what kind of material the case is and see what they recommend. Have you tried soaking it in some hot, soapy water?