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Cannot join Wi-Fi

Michael Graubart

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Nov 2, 2013
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London, UK.
I have an iPhone 3G (NB: not 3GS) with iOS 4.2.1

At the college where I teach, I joined the college's wi-fi some time ago. Now, when I try to do so again, the 'phone does not join spontaneously. The wi-fi network appears when I go to Settings > Wi-Fi, but nothing that would allow me to re-enter the password, etc., appears on the phone. What am I to do?

Thanks in anticipation.
It if's the check marked connection, tap it, and select "Forget this Network" on the next page. It should appear without checkmark afterwards, and you're able to enter the password again, following these steps:

If it is not check marked, tap it. "Enter Password" will appear. Type it to connect to it.

Hope that helps.
Sorry! I should have added that I have checked 'Ask to join Networks' in Settings > Wi-Fi.
That's great. Thank you, J.A., for that amazingly quick and useful reply! I shall try 'Forget…' when I next go into College.