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Cannot connect to company wifi network


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Jun 20, 2017
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Using iPhone 6S with iOS - 10.3.2

I am working on a remote site in Madagascar and whereas I have always been able to connect to the company wifi network I am no longer able to do so. Since the previous time I was here there has been the update to iOS 10.3.2 but I can not say for certain that the update is the cause for my problems.

The company uses a 'Portal Captive' wifi network where, for network security, each user is provided a username and password. To join the network is "open" and there is no wifi password. When I try and connect my phone tells me it is an un-secure network (as there is no password) and I am not able to connect to it at all.

In the living quarters I have a dedicated wifi router and I was able to get permission for the IT department to change the setup to require a password. After resetting my network settings I managed to connect to this router for a few hours. However, after disconnecting from it I am no again not able to connect. I have 'forgotten' the network and finally reset my network settings and done a hard-reboot of my device. No luck. It will simply not connect. Although, since there is a password on this specific router, it no longer shows me that it is an unsafe network. It will simply not connect and all I get is the spinning 'connecting' indicator on the left of the network name.

Is there a way I can force my device to connect to an 'unsafe' network? (although it is not an unsafe network).
Any advice will be appreciated. As this is a remote site 3G is not great and extremely expensive.

PS: I have gone through all the steps shown in other posts but cannot find anything that shows how to connect to a network deemed 'unsafe'.

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